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Why natural cosmetics?

The largest organ in the body - is our skin.
Substances that we apply to the skin reach the bloodstream in about 26 seconds and penetrate the respiratory system and the cells in our body.

In the past, the raw materials for care and cleaning were made from only natural materials. Over the years and the development of the industry, cheaper products and materials have been created that try to mimic the smell of natural materials.
However, chemicals do not know how to mimic the healing and nourishing properties found in real natural ingredients.
In addition, these synthetics have toxins that accumulate in the body, tissues and blood and create irritations in the respiratory system and skin.

" Arbel " products are made by hand at home only from natural raw materials that this wonderful world provides, all products are based on the purity of the plant.

Their power is in oils that nourish the skin deeply in combination with essential oils at the highest levels, herbs and plant extracts with properties of healing, shrinking, nourishing, protecting and more wonders.

* Our products are not experienced on animals.

* The products do not contain SLS, parabens, preservatives and other synthetic whisks