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Workshop for making natural lipsticks

A practical workshop where we will learn how to make a lipstick for nourishing and softening chapped lips, combining plant extracts and essential oils with amazing fragrances.

During the workshop we will be exposed to natural pigments extracted from different rocks, clay and soil and each one will mix for herself the perfect and sensual lipstick shade for her lips.

A little about us and our workshops ...

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

The most expensive. Most effective.

Now imagine that all those products can be with you all the time, in any variation (fragrance and texture ...) at a minimal cost and most importantly -

They work with maximum efficiency and minimum toxicity!

This is exactly the goal of our natural cosmetics workshops!

Through our workshops you will receive practical tools and knowledge that will help you prepare a wide range of equal and prestigious care products, in an easy, fun and economical way!

Welcome to the world of Arbel Natural and Personal Cosmetics!
Spa and Beauty Products
Among the things we will learn to make in a workshop for making natural lipsticks:
  • The effects of chemicals and toxins on our lips and how to avoid them

  • How to produce pigments, natural colors

  • How to choose the ideal color combination for your lips

  • How to give extra shine to the lips

  • How to make a matte lipstick

In addition, throughout the workshop practical tips for pampering and natural cultivation will be given.

עובדות יחד
כל אחת והריח המועדף עליה
שוקלות מה להכין עכשיו

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf workshops and at the same time, offer the option of customized workshops according to the needs of our clients.


Important highlights:

* All workshops are practical and at the end you will receive recipes and the products you have prepared

** The length of the workshops is between one hour and 3 hours (depending on the workshop and the need)

*** Workshops are offered around the country (traveling workshops)

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