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                               Ilana Winter BS

                                                                    Nice to meet you, I am Ilana Winter, wife, mother and daughter.

                                                                    I started my career in natural cosmetics when my eldest son was born.
                                                                     When we become parents, the decisions we make take on a deeper meaning.
                                                                      The little body, which is suddenly our responsibility, is so small and everything you
                                                                       put into it affects the body.
So I started researching, asking questions, questioning the obvious.
And since my degree is in natural nutrition, one article led to another and the research grew.
I realized that true health, which truly serves our body, is manifested not only
In a healthy and clean diet these are everything that our body and mind come in contact with.
In the thoughts we think, in the people we interact with, in the air we are
Breathe and the substances we breathe, and yes, also in our detergents and certainly what we are
Spread on our skin, it is our largest organ.
Then came summer, and with them the research on conventional sunscreen and its effects on the body.
Rising Skin Cancer Cases Together Rising sales of skin protection products, questions, concerns and answers that are hard to find. So while developing my nutrition studies I started learning about natural options for natural cleansers and grooming. I tried to figure out for myself and make sunscreen but did not understand the names, dosages and how to prepare. So I decided to take a more significant step, I took a natural pharmacy course through the wonderful “perfume beds” and a good new world opened up to me with endless possibilities. I started to concoct and concoct, mix and match (as my little Arbel likes to say ...)

And the results came quickly, and did not disappoint.

My hair that I thought was doomed to be greasy has always ceased to be so.

The pool pastimes were accompanied by a natural sunscreen that worked and protected well the soft and delicate skin of my little ones. And suddenly I realized how much eye-catching there is in all the various creams, lotions and serums. And I decided that I only wanted the truth, to make and create myself, real products that are combined with the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth and together with the latest and most up-to-date research. And so I have found myself for the past few years reading, studying, researching and researching for three days and then dispensing a new product. And again and again and again. And the feedback was wonderful and people wanted me to share with them, wanted to touch, feel, smear and share.

And so we rolled into the place of opening the line of "Arbel" products. In the name of my beautiful little one. Bell means beautiful, how appropriate ...

At Arbel Natural and Personal Cosmetics, I specialize in preparing custom cosmetics and delivering experiential workshops in the field of pharmacy and nutrition.
The workshops are designed for all ages from kindergarten to seniors.

אילנה וינטר B.S 

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